Water Hugs (Abrazos de agua) explores the possibility of expanding the transmedia narrative paradigm towards the domains of Social Journalism. According to Alicia Cytrynblum, this discipline has a special responsibility towards the social processes it narrates which is the search of solutions: “its main instrument to face the crisis is to delve into the journalist labour: adding new sources, giving more services and expanding their concept of ‘reality’.” Telling a story— from a traditional approach — is not enough. The aim is even bigger: to implement concrete mechanisms which allow us to transform that reality.

The project seeks to transcend the way of seeing the kind of contributions to society generally associated to solidarity. In the beginning of this century, the term “preventive journalism” was coined. This discipline reports international crisis and conflicts from an integral and holistic perspective and tries to identify the underlying causes of crises before they explode. It is also important to mention the expansion of its scope of action since this field of journalism trains professionals in detecting risks and in acting and promoting the necessary reparation of damages.