Water Hugs (Abrazos de agua) is a transmedia project which documents, with the collaboration of its own protagonists, the vital and common experience of an integrated swim team, Los Tiburones del Paraná, from Arroyo Seco, a small town in the South East of Santa Fe, Argentina.

Created during the 90s by a swim teacher Patricio Huerga, the group, Tiburones (Eng. “sharks”), integrates people with or without disabilities who train every day to reach an objective which, to those who see this from outside, it may seem disproportionate: open water swimming. This experience, pioneer in the country, has been repeating for the last fifteen years. In March 2012, Tiburones increased their ambition 140 swimmers (among them, almost 100 with a disability) swam fifteen kilometres to cross the Uruguay River from the Argentinian city of Colon to the Uruguayan city of Paysandú. This marathon took four hours of swimming. Two countries bonded.Water Hugs had been started up.
» The emotion of reaching the finishing line translated into a hug.