March, 2012. 140 swimmers from the integrated swim team Tiburones swam fifteen kilometres to cross the Uruguay River from the Argentinian city of Colon to the Uruguayan city of Paysandú. The marathon, which is organised into a swimming relay in which a group of 10 swimmers jumps on the water during 10 minutes to be substituted by another swimmer, lasts 4 hours of non-stop swimming.

40 ships and approximately 300 people assist in the expedition. 100 of the swimmers have a certain disability.
The group Tiburones celebrate de 15th anniversary of this heroic achievement. In March 1998, seven kids with diverse pathologies who were part of the initial team swam for the first time in the waters of Paraná River which borders the East of Arroyo Seco and it is one of the most important rivers in the continent. Never before had something like this happened in the country. Ever since, once a year, this open water swimming experience is repeated, an original and ambitious bet which the team has turned into a habit.